Thankful for Thanks Giving

November 23, 2017

Thanksgiving is my all time favorite holiday!  Family, food, and football - what's not to love?  Despite having a 2 week old baby, we weren't about to forgo traditions and relocate our family Turkey Day.  While the preparation was stressful at times, this moment right here with all 7 grandkids together at 1 table made it well worth it!  I love having all our family together and I'm so thankful to call this my tribe.  #OurTableStory #ThanksgivingIsForThanksGiving

The Soldier Came Home

November 16, 2017

Our family is proud of those who serve and we are especially proud to have a soldier in our family.  Harper affectionately refers to him as, "my soldier."  After serving in the Middle East, Harper's soldier returned for a surprise visit.  The day was spent climbing the jungle gym outside, chasing chickens, and playing board games around the table. I'm not sure who had more fun, but I am certain it was a day these 2 will not soon forget. #OurTableStory #ProudOfThoseWhoServe

1st Day of School

August 15, 2017

Sister started "real" school this year as a proud Pre-K student.  Mom also started school as an overwhelmed working mom.  Who knew this school thing was so much work?  After a fun filled first day, sister is already in love with school and professing her plans to become a teacher.  As soon as we walked in the door, she went into full teacher mode and headed straight to her "desk" (table.)  I loved watching her imagination as she tried her best to teach her "students" exactly as her teacher had.  She worked thru her homework without complaint and happily tucked her folder away in her back pack, ready for day 2.  My momma heart and teacher heart are full tonight.  #OurTableStory #TeachersMakeTeachers

When Dad's In Charge

June 24, 2017

Mom was napping and dad was left supervising.  Sister set up her table as a daycare snack station.  In 5 minutes, she had all her dolls sitting at the table with a snack. #OurTableStory #WhenDad'sInCharge

Barbies & Tree Frogs

May 06, 2017

Living out in the country, provides ample opportunities for outdoor living.  Now I'm not much of a tent camper, but when some dear friends of ours wanted to set up camp in our backyard, we were ready for the adventure!  4 adults, 4 kids, and 1 scared tree frog later, we all survived and enjoyed every minute.  Of course no camping trip would be complete without playing Barbies in your PJs on the picnic table.  #OurTableStory #SummerNights #FriendsWhoAreFamily

Tale as Old as Time

April 22, 2017

It took a few extra tables today to turn our great room into a ballroom fit for the one and only Princess Belle.  Filled with 15 little princesses, our house was overflowing with giggles, grins, and tiaras.  #OurTableStory #BirthdayMemories   

And She's Out

October 20, 2016

And that's all she wrote folks!  Sometimes the story is that there wasn't any story.  Sister loves to eat, but 3 bites in and she was out.  This is what a tough day at the office looks like.  Yes, those are paper plates, don't judge.  #OurTableStory

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