Batter Up - Vintage Baseball Nursery

After only 30 minutes of delivering the news that we were expecting to Chris, he was already searching for images and sketching plans for a crib. As a craftsman, one of Chris' favorite things to do is build things for other people. He takes such joy in carefully constructing a piece that will be perfect for the intended recipient. This project was even more special since he knew it would be for our little baby. Settling on a design for the furniture, we wanted to ensure whatever we created would be traditional enough to be passed down thru our family. The style of the design and the color of the stain would need to be both versatile and timeless. For the furniture, we decided on a classic crib with a simple design along with a farmhouse style open-shelf changing table. I wanted the changing table to be a transitional piece so we opted for something that could be used as a book shelf down the road.

Selecting a stain color is always tough for me! It's like finding the perfect shade of lipstick, plenty to pick from, but there never seems to be one that's just right. I looked at countless samples and even enlisted the help of a few friends, but I just couldn't commit. Chris obliged my request and created a sample board for me. Like magic, the top choice on the board was exactly what I had envisioned. Nothing in life is ever that easy so of course there's more to the story. As it turns out, the color I wanted was not actually from a can of stain, but rather the result of a dirty rag and an unshaken can. Wouldn't you know, it couldn't be recreated. I finally decided it was time to just go for it and we picked Early American by Mirawax. Despite my initial hesitation, I could not be happier with the way it turned out.

With momma in full on nesting mode, this project was kicked into high gear to ensure everything would be completed before our little man's arrival. Chris worked tirelessly, often late into the night, to build both the crib and changing table. While these two pieces were new designs for GRACE+GRAIN, Chris was able to beautifully bring to life my vision for Bubba's nursery. Take a tour of the completed nursery below.


Bannon's All-Star Nursery

This wall is the first thing you see when you enter the room so I knew it needed to be a focal point. With tall ceilings and a large room, I needed something that would fill this giant blank wall. The custom Scoreboard (Etsy - RockPaperSawzall) filled this space perfectly and is one of my favorite design elements in the nursery. The Crib (GRACE+GRAIN) is of course, the heart of the room and my absolute favorite thing Chris has ever built. I can't wait to see this in my grandchild's nursery some day! My biggest splurge in the space was the Bedding (Restoration Hardware.) I searched long and hard to find something with a vintage feel in a Navy and Tan color scheme. The Vintage Ticking Collection from RH Baby was exactly what I had in mind. Since the bedding was more than I would normally spend, I saved money by only purchasing the bumper and skirt from there. I found a matching solid crib sheet at Buy Buy Baby.

Curtains are always hard for me to pick out. In this space, I wanted something that would blend in with the color of the walls and not take away from any of the other design elements of the room. I scored these thin khaki curtains on the clearance rack at Tuesday Morning.

Lamp (Target), Metal Table (Grapevine Antique Mall), Baseball Wall Art (Hobby Lobby),

Pillow (Etsy - PolkadotApplePillows), Navy Chair (Buy Buy Baby), Rug (Lowes)

Since the changing table and crib were both wood, I wanted to bring in something different with the shelves (Hobby Lobby.) I love the way these metal touches add to the overall vintage feel and provide the space with extra storage. If you look closely on the top shelf, you can see the baseball figurines and old cards Chris had from when he was a kid.

Wall Color (Sherwin Williams, Natural Linen) Ceiling & Trim (Sherwin Williams, Alabaster)

One of the greatest benefits to custom built furniture is the ability to build your piece to fit the space exactly. Since it was a tight squeeze between this door and the crib, I was able to give Chris the exact dimensions I needed for the changing table (GRACE+GRAIN). I'm so happy with the way he designed the table so it can be repurposed when we no longer need a space for changing diapers. I have an obsession with baskets so I was thrilled to find these lovelies at Target. The monogram wall decor was hand crafted by our dear friend, Meagan Davis. They are such a special addition to the space!

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