Home Office Transformation

My iMac had been sitting in the top of our son's closet collecting dust for over 2 years, when I finally decided it was time to retrieve it. It had originally ended up there when we first moved to our new house and sold my desk. The only trouble was, we hadn't replaced the desk so I was left without a safe space for my computer. Since our daughter started school this year, I also found myself needing a place for all those permission slips, field trip reminders, and box tops. With Christmas quickly approaching, I decided a desk would be the perfect gift to ask Chris for. Neither one of us have ever been much for gifts or grand romantic gestures so we usually opt to surprise each other with hand crafted and unique pieces. Since a desk was such a tall order and he was already busy with other projects, I knew he might need a little motivation. Us women sure know how to be convincing! I found this ratty old plastic table in the garage and set up shop in our bedroom. Knowing Chris would not be able to stand the site of this every day, I let it simmer for a week or 2 before breaking the news to him that I was hoping for a desk. He mentioned the ugly table and said he would see what he could do. As usual, he didn't disappoint. I had a big surprise waiting for me under the tree on Christmas morning. Check out the dramatic before and after pictures below of my home office remodel.




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