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Think back to your childhood.  What do you remember most?  If you close your eyes I bet you see your family… hear sounds of laughter… everyone kneeling on the floor around the coffee table, surrounded by your cousins, as you tried to win the latest game of Monopoly.  The early mornings at the kitchen table, patiently waiting for a taste of your gramma’s famous pancakes.  The messy picnics after a long weekend of “camping” in your backyard.  The words of wisdom your grandpa spoke as he sat at the head of the table.  The endless hours of fun tossing bean bags in your annual family cornhole tournament.  The words of Grace spoken before every meal.  

940 Saturdays.  That’s the number of Saturdays between the day your child is born and the day he or she turns 18.  As a parent, this number is a little disheartening.  While 940 may seem like plenty, when we factor in all the birthday parties, soccer games, cheer practices, and countless social events we attend, we realize the days are long, but the time is short.  Within all the busyness of life, we long for a way to slow the clocks down a little and soak in the moments that make our family.      


In today’s society, connectedness to the world outside the 4 walls of your home is not only desired, but expected.  At our house, we have made a conscious decision to go against the grain and connect to what’s inside our home, rather than what’s outside. The people and the memories we are making inside are far more precious than anything happening elsewhere.  

Brace yourselves, in our home we do not have internet and cell phone service is sketchy at best.  This tiny tidbit is one that usually leaves our friends, family, and any random person whom we might encounter baffled.  In total transparency, I must admit, this lifestyle chose us long before we chose it.  A few years ago, when we first settled into our home, we quickly realized our house was a dead zone for all cellular devices.  We wasted energy arguing with the cell phone company and begging internet providers to install towers in our area before finally conceding.  With no way to connect digitally, we became too busy connecting to what mattered most, our family, to even notice or mind the lack of connectedness we had to the world.  Our time was spent at the kitchen table; playing board games, sharing meals, and crafting holiday projects.  As simple as it might sound, putting our devices down and being present in the moment, forever changed the trajectory of our family.

After seeing the impact this change has had on our family, we feel a calling to help other families get back to the basics.  It turns out, God was using these moments to gently nudge us in the direction of our dreams.  In a world where we have forgotten the value of our time together as a family, at GRACE + GRAIN our desire is to provide each family with custom spaces that set the stage for connection.  While our designs might not be able to transform your family, we hope the space it provides for connecting with those you love, will.  Within the very grain of our pieces, we pour grace and a wish for a simpler time when families still gathered around the table each night to say Grace and share a meal. We took the Table Challenge and it changed our life, have you?  Click here to learn more. 

The Brewers

Meet The Team

Chris Brewer

Builder of Dreams

Husband, Father, Craftsman

Chris hopes to inspire families to 

make the moments matter.


Brandy Brewer

Curator of Memories 

Wife, Mother, Educator

Brandy wants to share her love of family, food, and fellowship.


Harper, Bannon, & Sutton

Makers of Memories

Best Friends, Partners in Crime

These three provide laughter, fun, and plenty of chaos.

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